Only One Guitar Brand Of Lefty,By Lefty,For Lefty




 決めました。理想の左利きギターを送り出してやろう、と。大げさな表現ですけど、レフティのnorthern star(北極星)になってやろうと。

 Northern Star Guitarsは個性的なカラーの左利きギターしか送り出さない、そんな変なブランドです。


[ There were few Lefty guitars when I started playing the guitar 18 years old.

I started playing righty guitars because my friend gave me a guitar that was

right-handed. I was sad that it wasn't Lefty but at least it was a guitar. 

  I searched for left-handed guitars...but there aren't many lefty guitars out there.There are only boring Lefty gutiars...and when you find one they are too expensive!

  I decided to produce my ideal Lefty guitar brand and that has become

Northern Star Guitars. Northern Star Guitars will guide left-handed guitar players to the quality instruments they have looking for.]  


Northern Star Guitars


●New arrival![新着]